Monday, August 29, 2016

Digital Store Listening

Rick decides to stop in at a digital store looking for a particular product or service. Let's say hypothetically it's "Beaur Outdoor Clothing". While Rick is looking around the digital store for a new jacket, he receives a message on his mobile phone from a competitor's of Beaur's Outdoor Clothing called "Sportsman Clothing" and they have a 20% off sale on all items for new customers. Rick realizes Sportsman Clothing has the same type of jacket he was going to initially purchase from Beaur Outdoor Clothing at a savings of $20. So Rick instead purchases the $100 jacket from Sportsman Clothing. This is exactly what Digital Store Listening can do for your firm.

Our "Zagdat Technology" Algorithm Intelligence allows firms to send a like or similar offer to a current customer/prospect in real-time at the exact moment they have expressed an interest in a firms product or service. (Digital Store Listening) This targeting can be based on your google ad words (keywords), your website visitors, your Social Media Follower ID's (Ex. Based on Fan Page Followers, Commenter's, Shares or Likes), your customer database or even a competitors Social Media Fan Page Followers. Your personalized offer is done "outside" of the Social Environment. It's Digital Store Listening as its finest and in real-time. 

Instead of competing against a million other firms for the same google ad words, leverage our new Zagdat Daily Intelligence and "SmartTouch" your customers or prospects with a personalized offer in real-time!

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