Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Email Listening Works

Can you hear your customers or new prospects in real-time? Email Listening allows firms to reach new customers in real-time at a lower price point than your traditional methods. Email Listening enables companies to reach customers at the exact moment they are interested in a competitor's like or similar product. You might be asking how Email Listening (Digital Listening) Intelligence works?
EmailListening.com and all of its intelligence is owned by MSNI, Inc.  MSNI's Zagdat Technology has developed proprietary algorithms from its Kazmash that covers 98% of the back bone network of the internet. These algorithms  determine when new customers are interested in a specific product or service and retargets them in real-time with a like or similar offer. 
Email Listening's real-time intelligence can "listen" in on the following sources:
1. A competitor's Fan Page followers (Likes, Shares or Comments)
2. A competitor's or a firm's own keywords (ex. Google Adwords)
3. A firm's own Fan Page Followers
4. Social ID's
5. Website Visitors
6. Prospect Email Databases
7. Customer Data Files (Postal or Email)  
Email Listening is also much more cost-effective for example as oppose to the complexity and high cost of using Google AdWords.  With Email Listening, prospects are retargeted up to 4 times with a personalized offer. 

Why not leverage the power of our real-time technology and contact us today so we can increase your revenues? Resellers can also market our service. 
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MSNI, Inc., is a real-time Digital Listening Marketing and Technology Firm based out of the Atlanta, GA area. www.linkedin.com/company/msni-inc, www.EmailListening.com, www.MSNIInc.com